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One of the most important parts of your home or business premises. A leaking or insecure roof can lead to long term problems such as rotten timbers or other structural damage. Many homeowners make the mistake of spending time and money on internal refurbishment while neglecting the basic fabric of the building.

A sound roof is fundamental to protecting your property and maintaining its value.


If you are moving house or considering a property purchase, the condition of the roof will be an important consideration. Your surveyor will usually comment on this in their report, but surveyors are sometimes a little pessimistic and may not cover all the details. We can look at the roof and give you a fair and impartial assessment, together with a detailed quotation for any work. If you are from outside Cornwall, you may not be aware that the county has a few 'local peculiarities' in terms of building construction.


Most properties need some on-going maintenance. If you have concerns about your roof we will take a look and assess what needs doing. If minor repairs are needed we will advise you accordingly, if more extensive work is needed we will give you a detailed breakdown. We can also advise you about which work needs doing urgently and what can be delayed to spread the cost. We have come across a number of 'quick fixes' that are sometimes proposed by builders, such as a 'cement wash' over your roof. We would strongly advise you to treat these with caution and seek professional advice - you can talk to us or consult a surveyor or architect. They will tell you that roofing work is best undertaken by a specialist rather than a general builder.  


We provide a call out service to deal with storm damage or other emergencies. We will put temporary measures in place to protect your property. We can then do a more detailed assessment, to help you with any insurance claims and get your roof fixed. A call out charge is payable, but we will not seek to make things worse for you by hitting you with unreasonable charges. Making your roof sound should be your first priority - please call us as soon as possible. We would advise you to check your insurance policy, as it may not cover all costs.


If you are involved in a new build, self-build or conversion project we can help. If you are in the early stages we can provide you with a quotation for the roof covering, based on your architect's plans. We can also provide expert advice on the options for materials and construction methods. If you are doing some of the construction work yourself, we can work with you on the specialist work required for the roof covering. If you are working with a general building contractor, we will work with them and take care of the roofing aspects of the project.


  • All of our workmanship carries a full 10 year guarantee.

  • Our natural slates carry a quarry guarantee.

  • Our artificial slates and tiles carry a manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • We carry full public and employer's liability insurance for your protection.

  • All of our staff have had 'working at heights' and safety harness training.  


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